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rdfox Sat Aug 07, 2004 06:44pm

Can someone explain the explanation given in the Ruling section of NF Case Play 8.2.2 Situation B? It states that an offensive penalty downfield "while A1 is attempting a pass" would be administered from the spot of the foul if the pass were intercepted and the penalty accepted. In the case cited, it says that this would result in a safety.

This has to be incorrect...

The basic spot has to be the previous spot, and if the interception in the case had not resulted in a touchdown, you would be giving the captain a totally wrong choice if you offered him the play or a safety!

This case is marked with an asterisk, meaning that it is a new or revised case this year...I hope this is an explanation error that just slipped through the editing.

HOLDTHE Sat Aug 07, 2004 07:14pm

The play is correct. A's foul is behind the basic spot and would be enforced from the spot of the foul if B accepted the penalty (All but one). Since the spot of the foul is in the end zone it would be a safety.

B most likely would decline and take the TD.

rdfox Sat Aug 07, 2004 09:26pm

I see it now...thanks.

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