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Old Fri Oct 06, 2000, 02:34pm
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I posted this sitch in another place and wonder what you think.
************************************************** ************************

Last night. H59,V58. Girl's Varsity, 5.8 Sec. 4th Qtr)
I (Trail) grant last time-out to Coach V.
Ball is at upper corner of FT lane.
As I finish reporting, Coach H runs up and asks "Where is the ball being thrown in?"
I look over my shoulder and see my parnter (Ref) standing at sideline with ball on his hip, and I pointed and stated "Right there."
45 seconds later I see the ball on the baseline and think "Whoa!". I beat feet down to Ref, and he tells me that 3rd partner told Coach V that it would be thrown in on the baseline.
Ref gives me the ball to hold and beckons the coaches to tell them of our confusion and that the ball will be administered on the baseline; he offers them an additional 30 seconds with their teams and both Coaches accept.
V inbounds, gets fouled and misses two free throws.
Final: H59,V58.
I think Ref did fine. Thoughts?
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Old Fri Oct 06, 2000, 03:19pm
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This is why communication during time-outs is crucial. The officials should be getting together to discuss how they will handle those last 5.8 seconds. Dead ball officiating is key in this situation.

I think that the way you handled the situation though was fine.
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Old Fri Oct 06, 2000, 03:36pm
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The old saying "Dead ball means trouble" is very true...we sometimes relax during dead ball situations and fail to take care of business...could have gotten very ugly, but your crew handled it well once the potential mistake was caught...good job.
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Old Fri Oct 06, 2000, 05:21pm
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I think the crew did a good job handling the situation
and as I have said before its always the little things that can get us in the biggest trouble. As stated above communication is key between partners. As you know communication is not only what is said to your partners
but what is signaled. When granting the time out alot of referees will blow the whistle, raise the open hand, point to the bench and go to the table without designating the spot and this is what leads to confusion about the spot of the throw in.Designating the spot is a very simple but very often not used "required mechanic" it lets your partners
know what going on without you having to say a word.
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