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Old Thu Jan 30, 2003, 11:47am
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NFHS: I was watching the varsity game after my JV game yesterday and on several plays where there was incidental contact(one time a collision) and then when the official passed on a block/charge call; the official used a signal that looked like the "not closely guarded" mechanic. I asked him about this in post game and he said he wanted to make it clear that he saw the play and was ruling the contact legal.
I'm wondering if other officials use this "technique" and if I should?
I believe this signal is not even approved for NFHS in legitimate "not closely guarded" situations let alone for these other plays?


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Old Thu Jan 30, 2003, 11:51am
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It isn't approved in any situation, you are correct. I do not use it, but I wouldn't condemn using it either, the idea is to communicate and this is another form of communication. I have also seen it used by some D1 officials. I think the problem is some officials will use it to bail themselves out, see something, don't have the sack to make a call so they give that signal, could definitely get old fast.
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Old Thu Jan 30, 2003, 12:30pm
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I think sometimes that when this is used it looks more like "I have no idea what to do" than "this is a no call." This is from the body language that the official uses. I wouldn't condemn anyone for using it, but careful what message it conveys if you choose to use it.
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Old Thu Jan 30, 2003, 12:55pm
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I don't use it. If a partner used it, I wouldn't care... but to me any "extra" signals are just copouts.

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Old Thu Jan 30, 2003, 01:41pm
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I place this with baseball's "foul tip" call used by basketball refs. While it's meant to convey a thought, it's used in a haphazard, arbitrary way. One ref's no-call signal doesn't exactly convey the same meaning as the next ref's no-call signal.

Also, the official mechanics we use seemed to be designed specifically to convey information to the players and or the table. These extra homemade signals some officials use are for the crowd and coaches.

I don’t think made-up mechanics have a place on the varsity floor but don’t gripe if others feel the need to use them. A withheld whistle is a no-call until you shrug your shoulders at the same time. Then it’s a mistake.
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