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Old Sat Dec 11, 2010, 08:36pm
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NCAAM Throw-in, potential IW

A has a spot throw-in on B's endline.

A1 throws the ball in the direction of A2 standing near halfcourt. B1 deflects the pass that then hits A2 (in the frontcourt) and the ball rolls into the backcourt. A2 is the last to touch and first to touch.

I do not work a lot of NCAAM games. Two questions:

(1) Could someone tell me based on the above whether the ruling would be different in an NCAA game compared with an NFHS game?

(2) Let's say that the T called a backcourt violation the second the ball was touched (not possessed) in the backcourt by A2. In an NFHS game, this would be easy for me -- it's an IW, no team control on a throw-in, so we go to the arrow. What's the ruling in an NCAA game (clearly this is dependent on the answer to #1)?

I was the L administering the throw-in, BTW. I'll let you know what we had once I see some replies.

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Old Sat Dec 11, 2010, 10:25pm
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1) Ruling would be the same. Although there is team control during the throw-in, there can't be a backcourt violation until after player control has been gained inbounds. NCAA 4-3.6.

2) If there's an inadvertent whistle before player control is gained after the throw-in ends, the ball would be given to the throw-in team for another throw-in team because there's team control during the throw-in.
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Old Sat Dec 11, 2010, 10:58pm
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Get away from me, Steve.
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After I posted this, I looked through the book and came up with the same reference you cited. Thanks.

The T simply had a brain cramp. Great official, just brain cramp. He was so focused on the double deflection that he missed the fact that the ball was not possessed in the frontcourt. As the L who was chopping the clock, I was looking in that general direction and initiated a conversation with the T.

I also got the "team control on a throw-in" difference right in real time -- it's the coach who insisted we go to the arrow. The small college (juco) coaches seem to be more familiar with HS rules than college rules -- I replied with "in a HS game, yes, but there's team control on the throw-in under college rules." He told me that he thought I was wrong, but he could see he wasn't going to change my mind.
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