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Caesar's Ghost Wed Dec 17, 2008 09:50am

NCAA Delay, Warning, T?
NCAA rules.

A1 makes two FTs. After the second, A2 (yes, same team) grabs the ball, goes OOB and releases the ball on a throwin pass. The pass goes out of bounds untouched.

Any penalty or warning? It was clearly accidental.

IREFU2 Wed Dec 17, 2008 09:56am

Rule 10, Art 5, Subsection A says repeatedly if its the first time, I would say, yes you can warn them. If they continue to do this, its a T. Did they get confused on the throw in?

After a team warning has been issued, repeatedly delaying the game
by preventing the ball from being promptly put in play, such as
delaying the administration of a throw-in or free throw by engaging
in a team huddle any place on the playing court.

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