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Old Mon Nov 26, 2001, 01:09pm
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I'm thinking about taking my class 2-to-1 test in the very near future, and am having conflicting thoughts. I have a pretty good grasp of the rules and 3 person mechanics, and did well on both the '99-'00 and '00-'01 rules refresher tests...except for the NCAA portion. I felt like I was guessin' on a few questions.

Would you suggest that I take the test regardless, since I probably don't have college ball (or V, for that matter )in my near future anyway, and just learn the "new" rules over the course of the next year.

I'm also looking for a good source of NCAA rules. Should I order and review a college / NCAA rule book? Do I get one when/if I pass the test? Do I need to get it from IAABO, NFHS, NCAA, or some other source?

For the record, I'm a 2nd year official with a full JV schedule tryin' to move on up the ladder.

Thanks for the help!

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Dan R.
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Old Mon Nov 26, 2001, 01:17pm
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Dan, I don't know what the 2-to-1 test is. But as for the rest of your post, since you are only in your second year and doing exclusively HS games, I would recommend that you forget about the NCAA rulebook for now. As the subject of your post says "Learn Thy Rules". I would suggest that "thine" rules (for now, at least) are the NF variety. There's no sense in mucking up the different rules and interps if there's no chance that you'll ever need them. So learn thy rules and let the NCAA guys worry about knowing two sets of rules.

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Old Tue Nov 27, 2001, 07:32am
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I agree with Chuck. Your primary focus now should be on federation rules. We have a lot of college officials (not me) in my association and sometimes they confuse the rules and mechanics. Since you are a "fairly new" official, I would concentrate on federation rules and mechanics. Good luck in whatever you decide.
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Old Tue Nov 27, 2001, 08:12am
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If you're talking about moving up in OHIO, where is the ncaa portion? The 2 to 1 test is just the fed part deux. There should be zero about ncaa on it unless your association is tampering with it.
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Old Sun Dec 02, 2001, 05:47am
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i obtained a class 3 in ohio,which allowed me to do up to freshman games since i was still in h.s. last year. this season, it automatically upgrades to a class 2. i plan on taking my varsity test ASAP. the thing you must remember is, it doesnt hurt to get the test out of the way and pass it, then get your 1. but, just because you pass the test, it doesnt make you a varsity official and it doesnt guarantee you will get varsity games either. Here in the Toledo area, the competition to get varsity games is pretty high. my advice to you is to get a solid HS rules background, among other things and people will see you do good work and the rest will fall in place. But, i would forget college rules and all until the opportunity comes the officiate at the collegiate level at a later time. good LUck!~
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