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Old Tue Jul 17, 2001, 11:55am
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Taken from here:

Adding fuel to the fire
July 16, 2001

The report that a mother of one of the
better high school players in the country
received money from the director of the
Nike All-America camp is sure to further
fire up those NCAA and college
administrators who’ve been decrying the
summer basketball “culture”.

Carrie Stoudemire, mother of 6-foot-9 Amare Stoudemire—a
standout at the past two Nike camps in
Indianapolis—reportedly told HBO’s Real Sports (in a
segment on her son set to air Monday night)
that George Raveling “sent me a little money to survive.”

She was recently released from a Florida correctional facility after being convicted of check fraud and placed on

Her son, scheduled to be a senior this fall at Cypress Creek in Orlando, Fla.—the sixth high school or prep school he has
attended—came to national prominence on the basketball scene
during his performance at the July, 2000 All-America camp sponsored by the Nike athletic apparel company.

Raveling, the former coach at Washington State, Iowa and
USC, has been in charge of the Nike Camp for five years and
formerly served as the head of Nike’s Grass Roots
(youth) basketball program.

He currently helps administer Nike’s basketball programs overseas—including China—and was
expected to be in Barcelona until July 24, helping run a Nike-sponsored camp with Vince Carter.

It’s conceivable that the NCAA could rule that any money Stoudemire’s mother received could cost the
player some or all of his eligibility at one of its member schools.

But, although he reportedly gave the University of Memphis a “commitment” this past winter, any NCAA ruling that
affected his college eligibility could be moot.

His academic record is reportedly such that he is a long way from being academic eligible as a potential
2002-03 college freshman.

And, although he said during an interview at the Nike camp two weeks ago that the chances are
“50-50” he’ll enter the 2002 NBA draft, NBA scouts and personnel believe it’s a near certainty he’ll
bypass college and be a lottery pick next June.

It was believed that Stoudemire would attend the Nike camp rival—sponsored by Adidas and held in
New Jersey during the same July week—because his traveling team coach, Travis King (whom he lived
with last fall and winter), had switched affiliation from Nike to Adidas.

King reportedly has merged his Florida-based team with another Adidas-supported program, the Atlanta Celtics.

But Stoudemire said he had decided to attend the Nike camp well before most college coaches became
aware of it just before its July 5 start.

Among the proposals for a new summer recruiting “model” being considered by the NCAA is that those
who run events such as the Nike and Adidas camps and the large “traveling team” tournaments be
required to “open up their books”.

If they don’t submit to the scrutiny, their events won’t be certified and NCAA coaches won’t be
allowed to attend them.

Translation: The NCAA wants to know if any monetary or other benefits are provided to coaches and
players to in order to coax them to participate at the events.

And the news that the director of one of the most high profile events may have given money to the
mother of one of the most talented high school players in the class of 2002—even if the intentions were
strictly honorable—isn’t going to do anything to soften that NCAA stance.
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Old Tue Jul 17, 2001, 12:11pm
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Isn't this Damon's little brother?

Why does his mom need jack from Nike to survive? Or at least route it through him so no one catches on.

My guess is this kid is going to have a very long talk with his mom about keeping quiet.
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Old Tue Jul 17, 2001, 01:07pm
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Trying to walk the fine line of elgibility in the NCAA is just slightly easier then walking a tight rope over Niagra Falls. Probably more on the level of doing it between the World Trade towers.
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Old Tue Jul 17, 2001, 02:09pm
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The last time I looked, I thought he was in Oregon. Gosh these kids move around!
" cool as the other side of the pillow." - Stuart Scott

"You should never be proud of doing the right thing." - Dean Smith
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Old Tue Jul 17, 2001, 05:31pm
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I'm not sure about this, but I don't think this is Damon's mother/brother. I'm almost sure it's a distant cousin. But I could be wrong....
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Old Wed Jul 18, 2001, 02:49am
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Originally posted by BktBallRef
The last time I looked, I thought he was in Oregon. Gosh these kids move around!
6 high schools and he is just starting his senior year!
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Old Wed Jul 18, 2001, 07:53am
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This kid is NOT Damon's brother/cousin. Damon's relative is a Salim Stoudamire who was a Senior this year at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego (Portland), Oregon. The Stoudemire of the article is in Florida.

Salim is commited to Arizona.


Stoudamire, a 6-foot-2, 175-pound, guard from Lake Oswego, Ore., averaged 23.0 points per game last season
for coach Mark Schoff at Lake Oswego High School in leading the squad to a state tournament semifinal berth. He
was a first-team all-state selection and the Three Rivers Conference Player of the Year as a junior. Stoudamire
has been an all-conference pick in each of his three years in high school. An outstanding scorer, Stoudamire
averaged 28.6 points as a freshman and 21.7 points as a sophomore. He is the cousin of former Arizona
All-American (1992-95) and 1997 NBA Rookie of the Year Damon Stoudamire. He is rated as the No. 66 recruit
in the nation and the No. 15 shooting guard in the nation by Fast Break Recruiting Service.
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Old Wed Jul 18, 2001, 10:33am
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More info thatn you need on A.S. @

This kid is straight up a STUD at playing basketball, but makes very bad life decisions. I know we could point the finger of blame at a broken family, coming from an under privileged back ground, a bad mother, greedy agents/coaches or any number of other "bad breaks." I'll skip the sermon on taking personal responsibility for your life.

My guess is that he will lose his eligibility for next year's HS season (the word is that they can not find all of his records. No suprise, 6 schools in 3 yrs) as well as lose his college eligibility. So he will bypass NCAA altogether and be an NBA lottery pick in 2002. Then we will see what happens in 2003.
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Old Wed Jul 18, 2001, 03:03pm
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Just think...He could be the first player to skip college AND High School.
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