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kmw Sun Jan 08, 2006 09:45pm

A3 is fouled by B1 and A is in the bonus. Right after the foul is called, simultaneous T's are called against A4 & B4. Would you let A shoot the bonus with the lane filled and then play on? or do you let A shoot with no players in lane and then go to AP arrow since poi of cannot be determined because of new rule? We had this discussion at our local association meeting and answers were varied... It seems that because of the rule change in HS, the poi would be the free throws so as not to penalize a team and lose the arrow.

Jurassic Referee Sun Jan 08, 2006 09:51pm

The POI was determined; the POI was A3 getting ready to shoot 1/1. That's where you resume play- A3 on the line with the lanes filled- just as if nothing happened.

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