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Old Fri Apr 13, 2001, 01:28pm
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I an not a basketball ref. Just a fan. What do you think of the new NBA rules?

Specifically, the legalization of the zone defense. Won't this just slow down the game & lower scores? Why is this a good thing?

How about the 3-second lane violation for the defense? What affect with that have on the referees, having to pay attention to both offense and defense for 3 second violations? (Well, blatent camping-out violations in the NBA. I can't remember the last time THIS call was closely made!)
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Old Fri Apr 13, 2001, 02:27pm
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Honestly, I think the whole thing's a joke. Look at it this way: If you're running a 2-3 zone, it could be possible you can only run it for 3 seconds at a time! If the post man in the paint has no one to guard, he'll be legally and properly playing his position, but since he won't be closely guarding anyone, he'll get whacked for defensive 3-seconds. It all sounds silly, to me. If you want to watch a good basketball game, you still are going to have to turn on college....
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Old Fri Apr 13, 2001, 06:53pm
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Now fans who yell "Three Seconds!" for a defender in the paint will think that they were right all along.
"To win the game is great. To play the game is greater. But to love the game is the greatest of all."
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Old Sat Apr 14, 2001, 08:20am
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This was a good article regarding this.

A quick quote:
There's nothing wrong with the game that two changes wouldn't cure: stop allowing coaches to squeeze the life out of the shot clock and stop allowing callow, clueless kids to come into a league they think is all about dunking, chest-bumping, entourages and hi-tech cell phones. As Indiana coach Isiah Thomas rightly noted last week, "I don't think the game needs to be tweaked. I think the players need to be tweaked."
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Old Sat Apr 14, 2001, 01:24pm
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I disagree with the notion that they will be able to run the offense for three seconds. The bottom line is that the defender cant park his butt in the paint. They implemented it so that centers like Shaq cant go park in in the paint without somebody around him that he is guarding. The 3 second defensive call is nothing new to the NBA, The current illegal defense has a defensive three second provision now. No one ever hears fans yell for it now. It might make it easier for them to yell but my guess that since it is a technical the signal and rule will still be illegal defense?

How would a center not have someone to guard? There are five offensive players that are trying to get the basketball in the basket. Since there is a full zone now all the center has to be is an arm's length of guarding someone ( 3-4 feet right) and not just sitting flat dab in the middle. Nothing says he cant play low post in the paint just that he cant be there too long just like the current illegal defense guidelines he can be above the FT line outside the paint on either side any where he wants to be..

It will force the center to roam through the paint, help double team. The NBA illegal defense if you actually read the rule was a matchup zone anyway. It was never a strict man-to man defense. But as the committee looked at it did encourage isolation plays because you could not double team players with out the ball and it forced players to play on the weak side. Now since they can play everywhere if some team decides that Vince Carter has to be stopped and triple team him the whole game they can. It will force teams to figure out that maybe they need more than one decent scorer on the team. Instead of everybody trying to take their player 1-1 to the basket everytime they may have to pass/cut etc. I know a team like the Jazz is not happy because the pick and roll they run well was designed by using the defense rules. I just dont think that keeping players out of the paint is that big of a deal particularly when the rule has always been there. Personally it gives everybody a fair shot at the paint and the basket. I am interested to see how this works. I am looking forward to summer leagues that use pro rules and ref the rule.

Dan, playing his position in the paint according to the NBA is not legally playing his position . Plain and simple.

I agree with Mike that there some players ought to be tweaked !
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