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Old Mon Jun 27, 2005, 02:50pm
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I knew it would happen someday, I called a Technical Foul for the first time this weekend. In fact, I had three on the day, two in one game. After two fall seasons and most of a summer without a T, I was beginning to think I was missing something.

I sure didn't miss the kid who loudly said (the whole gym had to hear it) "Did he call a charge? OMG, that's ridiculous!", as he bounced around the floor adding a few more comments. I had in fact called the charge on him, and had no problem following that call with another one!

Felt just like any other call. In fact, it was easier than most.
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Old Mon Jun 27, 2005, 03:30pm
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Originally posted by Hartsy
Felt just like any other call. In fact, it was easier than most.

Agreed! Sometimes they just call themselves and are self-explanatory! Glad you got your first out of the way...another learning experience!
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Old Mon Jun 27, 2005, 03:36pm
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Talking my first T...

my first T was one the coach just was asking for!!! they always ask for them, don't they???!!!! :-)

anyway, i called a foul on A1. i'm T getting ready to count for the FT. when coach A calls A2 over. he has his dry erase board out and chatting with A2, when all of a sudden (before my partner bounces the ball to the free thrower), coach A throws his marker under this seat. which then bounces off the wall behind his bench. and comes FLYING acrossed the court past me into the stands. i was just STUNNED!!! i T'd him up instantly. i still don't know why he did that. but, that was my first T i issued. funny, the next 2 games, i also T'd one more coach and one player. when it rains, it pours i guess!!!

have fun, the season is just around the corner!!!
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Old Mon Jun 27, 2005, 05:24pm
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Welcome to the club.

It took me a little while to call my first one, and I was nervous doing it. I usually let my partner call all the technicals. Then my first was kind of lame - for adding a player to the scorebook after the game started. Now they're nothing.

I have yet to call a goaltending or basket interference yet, can't wait.
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