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Old Mon Feb 09, 2004, 11:16am
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I am a first time poster and a new official this year. I have a question for you all about the end of an 8th grade game I witnessed this weekend.

Team A was winning by four points with 20 seconds left in the game. "Team A" was bringing the ball up court when "Team B" fouled. It was the 10th team foul on "Team B". There seemed to be some confusion at the score table and they did not notify the officials that it it was the tenth foul and two shots should have been awarded. After the first shot play began and while the scoretable was trying to alert the officals of the error ( along with Team A's coach and fans) "Team B " scored. The officials then huddled and decided that it was a correctable error and they proceeded back to the free throw line to let the "Team A" player shoot his second shot. They let the basket count that "Team B" scored telling both coaches they couldn't take away points scored but the error was correctable. The "Team A" player missed the next free throw and "Team B" came down and hit a three point shot to win the game . I was just wondering if this was the correct action. It really seemed like "Team B" received a huge advantage as a result of this miscommunication between the scorertable and officials.

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Old Mon Feb 09, 2004, 11:23am
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It was correctable, but there was a change of possession in between the error and its correction. Therefore, the way you correct the error is to allow A to shoot the FT with the lane cleared, then you give A the ball on B's baseline and allow them to run the baseline. I don't have the book handy, but this is all laid out (in as clear a fashion as NFHS can) in the book.
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Old Tue Feb 10, 2004, 03:12am
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Hawks Coach is on the money. The officials should have cleared that lane for the one free-throw attempt and then awarded the ball back to Team A along the end line of Team B's basket (the one at the end of the court where Team B just scored is known as their basket). Now instead of Team B coming up the court and making a 3, Team A would have had the ball just as they would after any other time that Team B scored.

The officials goofed because they got the possession wrong. They effectively made up a turnover against Team A.

Seems like an innocent mistake, though. They did try super hard to get the free throw corrected. Unfortunate.

The best rules references for this play are 2-10-6, 2.10.1 sit A, and 2.10.1 sit B.
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