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Old Wed Jan 28, 2004, 11:25pm
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I have officiated only in the rec leagues, so I'm a little green in the NCAA rules so I just have a few questions.

NCAA D1 game on TV. Under 5 seconds to go, White inbounds the ball over the halfcourt line, past the last white player. The white player touches the ball, the clock starts; the whistle sounds, followed by the horn.

The Ref then goes to the TV monitor, and looks at the replay angle, and sets the clock with .8 seconds left. The replay angle did not have a great shot of the clock as to when the ball went out of bounds, but have the clock in the frame just as the ball went out of bounds, you could see the clock cound town, but not see the numbers very clearly.

Blue inbounds from the free throw line extended in their backcourt. The ball is inbounded, down the court, possibly touched, caught, shot, and basket made with no time left on the clock. Again, the Ref walks to the press row to look at the monitor, and see the replay. No angle has the clock, but one has the red light behind the backboard. A slow mo angle cannot show if the shot was released before the red light. A full speed angle with Natural audio (no announcers) is close, but the ref rules the shot good as the horn came after the ball was released, Blue wins by one.

As far as I know, the crew followed the rules to a T as to using the monitor. As for the angles and audio, I know what was placed on the table monitor, not because I was it on TV; but because I was the tape operator. I was my job, now, at this point, to replay the final plays for the refs liking.

I will say, when I heard the ref wanted to look at the plays again, I was kinda startled, I looked for the best angle, and showed it, and he ruled without me saying anything, which I had no problem, I just gave what he asked. Some of the best looks I gave were not 100%, & I would not want to be the one looking at the pictures, let alone make the call.

It was odd, I kind of thought of myself as a quasi-fourth member of the crew, giving them what they needed. Yet, after I had a really sick feeling in my stomach, did I give them the best angle to see. About an hour later, I thought there may have been a way to show them the clock too on the tv monitor, but it would have taken some time, it was not gaurenteed to work at all. So I chose the quick ones.

My questions; as a crew, have you ever had the chance to go to the monitor, what do you want there, and how to you want it shown, sl-mo, fast, audio, whatnot. While were at it, what are your thoughts of the monitor?

Second, and mabye this is even more for my sanity than the rules; but did I cost a team the game but not thinking about the other angle with the clock?
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Old Thu Jan 29, 2004, 11:11am
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Don't you have some fairly strict guidelines to adhere to? Or possibly a supervisor to ask?

Thanks, Stan
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Old Thu Jan 29, 2004, 12:17pm
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Sadly, this was the first time we (as the television crew) had this happen. We were asked before each game if we had replay capibilities, and we said yes.

My supervisor did say I did what I was asked, adn after watching the replay of the tape, and being removed from the game, it was a good job by all.

I dunno, it seems like there are guidelines in the NCAA book for using TV; but it gave me a real bad feeling when it happened.
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