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Old Sat Nov 25, 2000, 12:48pm
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I would like to know officials feeling on beltless pleated pants. Is this the "new look" for officials in the NCAA? I personally think they look alittle "limp wristed" if you know what I mean! Comments???
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Old Sat Nov 25, 2000, 02:50pm
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Wink beltless pants

I agree the flat beltless pants give a much cleaner look. The problem is if ncaa officials all do it than it will filter down to high school and I'll have to wear those pleated things!
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Old Sat Nov 25, 2000, 03:47pm
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Actually I wear the pleated pants because I think they look "neater" on me. When I wear the no pleated pants I get this "bubble" in the front of the pants, I think it is just the polyester having a mind of it's own. With the pleats I don't get it.

Personally, I think you should wear what you're comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with your equipment, you will not be able to call a good game. Hence, why I wish we could wear shorts. I can in track and volleyball and it works out much better for me.
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Old Mon Nov 27, 2000, 03:02pm
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I prefer the pleats. They look better and are much nicer to run in. I know others who disagree, but they wear pleated dress pants all of the time. If plain front are so much better looking, why do we wear pleated pants the rest of the week?
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Old Mon Nov 27, 2000, 03:14pm
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I'm with ref4e! I believe it's all about finding a fit that is right for you. I tried Levi's action slacks...didn't like it. Now I am using Haggar slacks (no pleats) and I seem to like them much better.

However, I would never rule out changing styles. I'm thinking about trying a new brand...just not sure which one's yet. I think I look good in the style I wear now, but I also believe I can find something better...but NO PLEATS!

If you are overweight, you aren't going to look good in anything! Keep that in mind.
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Old Mon Nov 27, 2000, 05:42pm
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I purchased my first pleats for playoff games last season. Our entire crew elected to wear them. We were complimented on our appearance and many in the conference I work are now beginning to wear the pleats. They aren't for everyone. The overweight official will never look good in pleats because the pleats spread. If you have a good physique, pleats will look good on you and you will look good in your pleats. Western top beltless are fine, as well. I agree, we should wear what is more comfortable. On the other hand, polyester is not the most comfortable fabric.
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