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Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. Tue Feb 12, 2019 06:48pm

And now for something completely different: Ankle Monitors!
Some background information for some of the newer members of the Basketball Forum:

I am a native of Youngstown, Ohio. The Youngstown-Warren Metropolitan Area consists primarily of Mahoning (Youngstown is the county seat) and Trumbull (Warren is the county seat) Counties. I grew up in Liberty Township the large township on the north side of Youngstown in Trumbull County. Liberty Township was where the infamous Jungle Inn (Google it; the Jungle Inn was located approximately 1.5 miles as the crow flies from my home.) where Dean Martin (Dino Crocetti from Steubenville, Ohio) was a singer waiter in its nightclub and was supposedly (according to my father) a croupier its the game room in the back after The War. Youngstown is also known for certain members of an organization who its account claimed it was larger that GM in the years after The War. But I digress.

I still maintain membership in the Trumbull County Basketball Officials Association and receive several email from its Secretary regarding unusual situations and rules. The Youngstown-Warren area are represented by two basketball officiations: the aforementioned TCBOA and the Mahoning Valley BOA (The late MLB umpire Wally Bell, who passed away a few years ago while in the prime of us career) was a native of Youngstown and a member of the MVBOA until he made it to The Show.

Just after lunch (and before I could take my post-lunch nap) this afternoon I received an email from the Secretary of the TCBOA.

Evidently, some members of the MVBOA have had a situation in some of their games this year regarding "ankle monitors". (What can I say, one has to be tough to live in Youngstown and Warren. LOL!) Anyway, the MVBOA Executive Board went to the OhioHSAA for an Interpretation/Ruling. I do not know if the OhioHSAA went to the NFHS for an Interpretation/Ruling, and I hope that the powers that be in the OhioHSAA did go to the NFHS for one. None-the-less, below is the letter that I received earlier today from the Secretary of the TCBOA with the relevant information that came from the OhioHSAA regarding "ankle monitors" in blue.

"The Mahoning Valley Baskekball Officials executive committee sent an inquiry to the state regarding the ankle monitor that was worn last week in one of the local games. The answers we received are direct and to the point.

These are the questions asked and the replies in the ( ).

1-Is an ankle monitoring device permitted to be worn. (YES)
2-Is it considered an item like jewelry (example-ear ring, non religious necklace)? (NO)
3-Does it have to follow the guidelines like a knee brace? (NO)
4-Do we have any other responsibilities to enforce? (NO)

MTD, Sr.

BillyMac Tue Feb 12, 2019 07:21pm

Been There, Done That ...

Freddy Tue Feb 12, 2019 07:21pm

...on one of the players or one of the officials?

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