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bucky Mon Mar 20, 2017 04:03pm


Originally Posted by JRutledge (Post 1002891)
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T has on ball coverage, which becomes a double team. L is watching ball too because of the double team. When pass is made, L now turns to look but it is too late for him to referee the defender. C had 2 defenders to watch and one left. C should have closed down and in and gotten this call. After made basket, C takes off. IMO, this is a great example where C needs to be closed down and maybe one step on the court when there is generally no action in front of them. It was a strange play that gets catches the crew in a late-look situation. C has got to come get this. L could have gotten it late but probably did not feel comfortable in possibly guessing. This is a foul and if called, no one is complaining.

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