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Old Wed Mar 06, 2002, 07:55am
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First Post (for Baseball):

We had our first Association meeting the other night. Some HS leagues in Massachusetts are going to wooden bats only this season, and the rest of the state to follow by 2003-04.
Have a lot of other states swithched over? How did schools/players/coaches adjust to the change?

Also, looks like Massachusetts is finally going to adopt FED rules (probably 2003 or 2004). After reading recent posts regarding some of these rules, seems like a lot of confusion to me! No more ignoring FED rulings in quizes for me (and hundreds of umps in MASS). Hopefully the old dogs can learn new tricks.
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Old Wed Mar 06, 2002, 11:15am
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Not in PA. Still aluminum 2 5/8" barrel and -3 weight to length difference.

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Old Wed Mar 06, 2002, 09:22pm
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I would certainly like to see that in all high school play.It would put some integrity back into the game,but wouldnt make the bat companies very happy.Dont think you would see many high school kids batting .700 plus with wooden bats,thats for sure.
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Old Thu Mar 07, 2002, 01:10pm
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As a father of a soon to be high school player who just loves wood bats, I say that this is the way to go. With a wood bat, you really get to see what a batter can do. Will it be a rough change for the players? Yes it will.

It took a lot work on my son's part to learn that there is a different swing to wood but more importantly, wood talks to you! It tells you when you hit correctly and when you do not do it right. The problem is that those with lousy mechanics will not get the “correction” that metals gives you. You do not get that huge sweet spot that the metal bat gives. That is going to be a killer for some.

As a 40 year "student of the game", I will believe the change to wood when I see it! There is always another excuse for staying with metal.
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Old Thu Mar 07, 2002, 02:19pm
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Never in NJ

I'd love to go back to wooden bats. When you do a JV game where 8 balls go over the fence—8 balls that were routine flies in the old days—you wish for the wood again.

But it will never happen here in New Jersey. The attorneys will say that a wood bat could break and splinter and somebody could fall on it and get stabbed, somebody will pick up a broken piece and use it as a weapon, bats present a fire hazard on the school bus, etc.

If we take a lesson from slow pitch softball, it was juiced-up bats (and balls) that destroyed a once-great game.
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Old Thu Mar 07, 2002, 07:45pm
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I know what you mean about "I'll believe it when I see it."
However, it is pretty difinite in my state, I think. See (News Releases/ Bat Warning). I think it will be a change for the best (after the adjustment), but I haven't warmed up to the idea of FED rules (yet).
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