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Old Tue Apr 24, 2001, 02:55pm
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Situation: LL Majors. Two outs runner on third. Wild pitch to the third base side of the plate. Runner coming in from third, pitcher covering the plate, batter takes a couple of steps out of the batters box directly in the path of the ball being tossed to the pitcher by the catcher. Ball hit the batter in the back. I call interference on the batter, inning over. In a prior post, a situation similar to this one of the answers given is that since there was no deliberate interference, no interference should be called. I look at the definition for interference (LL Rule Book - 2.0) and no real mention of deliberation is included. I based my call on this and on 7.08g; Any runner is out - g. "attempting to score on a play in which the batter interferes with the play at home base before two are out. With two out, the interference puts the batter out and no runs score." Thanks...

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Old Tue Apr 24, 2001, 11:24pm
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I seen the same post also. In my opinion, the batter owns the batters box. But if the ball gets way-away from the catcher and there are people moving in a hurry, the batter better know to clear the area.

If he doesn't, then he INTENTIONALLY stayed in the area of the play. Thus, if he gets hit by the ball....OUT!

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Old Wed Apr 25, 2001, 07:32am
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Batter's out. He may have been trying to get out of way, but he didn't quite make it. Intentional or non-intentional has no bearing on the call.

With the very young one's (LL 8-10 yr olds), I have on occassion actually pulled them out of the way. We've all seen them, standing in the batter's box like deer caught in headlights. This saves a kid from potentially getting hurt and gets him out of the way of the play. I've also on occassion clued them in before the pitch that if the catcher misses the ball, I want him running all the way back to the fence. A little defensive umpiring and coaching.
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Old Tue May 08, 2001, 04:37pm
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If the batter was doing everything possible to get out of the way, no interference. Batter did not interfere with the fielders he interfered with the ball. Interference with a thrown ball must be intentional. If you think he was deliberately slow in getting out of the way, or intentionally getting in the way, interference.

Once the catcher/pitcher err, batter interference rule is not in effect, they get one free chance to make the play cleanly, after that 7.11 and 7.09(l) are in effect (get out of the way of the fielders and don't intentionally interfere with the ball.)
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Old Tue May 08, 2001, 08:44pm
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On every level of ball that I work, at one time or another with a play looming at the plate, I have yelled at the batter, "Get outta the way!" I like the "deer caught in the headlights" analogy!
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