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Old Mon Jun 28, 2004, 03:22pm
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here's the situation:
the bases are loaded with 2 outs. On the first pitch the batter hits a foul ball out of play. the runner on third stands a foot off of the base without touching it. The pitcher steps on the rubber and makes another pitch which was a ball. the pitcher then appeals to third about whether the runner re touched the base after the foul ball, and while he does this the runner is standing on third. the umpire calls the runner on third out and its the end of the inning.

im pretty sure the appeal was too late, and is there even a rule regarding retouching the base?
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Old Mon Jun 28, 2004, 03:50pm
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OBR (not addressing any other codes)

This is NOT an appeal situation. After the foul ball goes out of play, the ball is dead. Runners are "supposed to" return to their bases. It is CUSTOMARY and COMMON that the PU will put the ball back into play providing that the runners are "in the vacinity" of their bases. One foot is close enough. Even if he were 10 feet off the base, there is no appeal here. The ball is dead and PU must put the ball in play before any further action may take place (which means the runner better get back on base, this is an unlikely exaggeration). The alert PU will not call PLAY until runners are back, pitcher on rubber with ball, catcher in place, batter ready in box.

The foul (or fair) ball appeal you are probably thinking of is a CAUGHT foul ball (the runner has to "tag up" or get back and stay on base, or he is likely to be thrown out or tagged out. 7.08d

Not sure the level of your ballgame, but I would expect this umpire got an earful (which he deserved, unless it was being played by some "special" rules that deviate from OBR).

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