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Originally Posted by BryanV21 View Post
To avoid a FT shooter throwing the ball hard off the backboard in order to try and get a long rebound back to him?
Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post

I am not sure that is true. I cannot ever remember that being the case in NFHS and NCAA Men's, but I do believe that there was a year or two awhile back where it was legal due to a mistake in changing a rule and it was corrected in NCAA Women's.

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You've both misunderstood my post....

I was saying that it used to be that the ball hitting the backboard ended the FT restrictions on entering the lane, not that it made the FT legal. AFIAK, the ball has always had to hit the rim or go in to be a legal FT.

They just took the word backboard out of the rule indicating when players could enter the lane. It is a minimal change as the time gap between it hitting the board and either hitting the rim and going in, or simply missing altogether would be very small.
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