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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
Hitting the backboard is not enough to be must go in or hit the rim.

It used to be that hitting the backboard was enough to allow the FT restrictions to end for the shooter or anyone not on the lane but I believe they removed that this year.....for no apparent reason.
The FTer must cause the ball to enter the basket or strike the ring. If not, this player commits a FT violation. (I believe that last season an incorrect editorial change actually included the words "or backboard" in this rule. An online correction was issued and those words were deleted from the printed rules books this season. That mistake may be causing the OP some confusion.)

Furthermore, the NFHS announced in some documentation that it was removing the "or backboard" part from the rules restricting the timing of the movement of the players along the lane and FTer, but it did not follow through and take that text out of the rules book.

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