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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Why would you allow it?

9-5: Illegal Dribble
A player shall not dribble a second time after his/her first dribble has ended, unless it is after he/she has lost control because of:
ART. 1 A try for field goal.
ART. 2 A touch by an opponent.
ART. 3 A pass or fumble which has then touched, or been touched by,
another player.

Was there a try for field goal?
Was there a touch by an opponent?
Was there a pass, or fumble, which was then touched by another player?
Because i view the case play expansively. If you just look at the rules, the player shouldnt be able to throw the ball off his backboard, run to another spot and catch it if it isnt a try. Again, when they say it is a player's "own equipment" i choose to interpret that as being similar to another player or a try.
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