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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
He didn't move his pivot foot while holding the ball. He didn't start a dribble after lifting the pivot foot. He let the ball hit what is treated the same as the floor after throwing the ball into the air...except that it is expressly not considered a dribble.

What part of the travel rule was broken?
A player's own backboard has not ever and is not the same as a ball hitting the floor. The opponent's backboard, and only the opponent's, is considered same as hitting floor. 9. 5 is an expansion of offensive player's rights etc. When they say it is ok to throw the ball off their own backboard, run and catch it because it is a teams "own equipment" i view that the same as saying it is like throwing it off another player or like a try. The fact that the 9.5 play doesnt include A1 catching and then dribbling the ball doesnt affect my opinion. frankly, the rules dont support the "own equipment" language in the play so i wouldnt cite the play as evidence that a player cant dribble after catching it. That is reading too much into the play rules.

We wont agree but if im going to allow someone to end dribble throw the ball off backboard, run and get it... im going to allow him to dribble it again if he does.
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