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Originally Posted by BigCat View Post
Is refusing to play a holdover from prehistoric days? Mine. Team behind has to come out and pressure. Team behind on offense has to break 28 foot mark...Can't remember. I was just popping off because somebody said never ever forfeit a game. As if it were a crime to do so. NCAAM is shall for these.
No, here's my situation as I recall (it's been a minute).

My sophomore year, we were preparing to play a perennial state champion. They were dominant, and had a reputation for running up the score. Before the game, our coach asked if we'd be ok with walking off the court if they ran the score up again.
Start of the fourth quarter, they're up 90-30 (rough numbers), and they send their starters out. Coach calls our guys back to the bench and we proceed to walk off the court.

That is refusing to play.

Coach took a two game suspension for that.
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