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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Now this, I agree with. I think we were getting too deep into the weeds to find disagreement.

Okay, when I say "we were" I really meant "I was."

I'll also add that there's really nothing stopping a governing body from overriding my use of the word "forfeit" and finishing the game from that point.
You're right the way i said it made it seem the rule said specifically, he fails to leave, forfeit. It's not that clear. And I agree, a governing body can change what i do if they want. If a game gets so bad that we threaten a forfeit if a coach doesnt do x, then, if he doesnt, i am going to say forfeit. I wont make the threat if im not prepared to follow through with it.

I dont think we disagree much. I just didnt agree with the fellow who said never ever forfeit the game, even if the rule said shall. If it gets this bad, i think we should to show we're not afraid to do it if someone's that big of an idiot. As you said, the governing body can do what they want.
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