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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I'm curious, because I left my book at home again and yesterday didn't afford me time to actually look at it for the 60 minutes I was home before I went to bed.
Is this the "travesty" portion? Your comment above implied that the rule stated specifically that the penalty for a coach refusing to leave is a forfeit. While most would certainly consider that a qualifying event, I don't see anything in the written rule that actually requires this action. A suspension isn't a refusal to follow the rule, in other words.
For the record, I have threatened a forfeit to get a coach off the court, and I'd do it again in that situation. His team was winning, big, and he was all about winning.
It is in the travesty section and it does say shall forfeit if team refuses to play. (Coach not leaving fits that). Also says we may forfeit if coach fails to comply with technical foul penalty. Fits that too. Now, if i give a second T I would give the coach some time to leave. How much? Have to be in the moment to know. I would probably say to an assistant. I'll give you a minute or whatever to get him out of here. If not, game is a forfeit.
I wouldnt give second T, coach lingers and then say forfeit. I dont want that and would do everything i can to avoid doing it. But....if he is still being an idiot and just wont leave, to the point that you and i are going to leave, that's a travesty, he's not allowing his team to play....And at that point, after hes made it a tremendous travesty, i dont know why i would worry about saying the word forfeit on my way out. He earned it.

I just dont agree that we should "never, ever," declare a forfeit. I've never had to do it but if somebody acts that bad, to the point we cant play and im leaving, i will say it on my way out. Thx
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