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Here in the Sunshine State, we have a slightly different protocol that prevents the newbie, clueless AD issue. All FHSAA sanctioned athletic events must have an "Administrator on duty". Sometimes it's the AD but usually a grisled old asst. principal or teacher looking to make a few extra bucks. I think they get paid a daily fee for serving, whereas the AD just gets his/her annual compensation so they generally don't like the additional responsibility of crowd control. Part of our state mandated pre-game duties is to find the AOD upon arrival. Part of their duties is to greet officials, show them to the dressing area, and resolve any crowd issues upon request. They are in charge of the entire facility during the contest outside the lines of the court. Often, during basketball season, there are soccer games taking place at the same time so they usually shuttle back and forth, but they are always present. Seems to work pretty well. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've never seen one shirk their responsibility.
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