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Originally Posted by CecilOne View Post
8. Time limits begin with the first warm up pitch
-- good, what many have been doing

11. Womens FP players may use either on deck circle
12. All FP and modified...may only use on deck circle on opposite side if it places you behind the batter
--- does required to be behind batter mean not between innings (no batter)?
Good question...should be clarified


"Several proposals to the JO FP lineup were rejected...Either bat all players or nine players, if batting all, no DP/FLEX, listing of EPs throughout the batting order instead of after the first nine, allow any player in the lineup to be a courtesy runner is batting the roster. "

Good rejections. They look like those who don't want to know the actual rule, or are trying to accommodate the other alphabets.
The person proposing these keeps saying...that's what everybody else is doing, we need to do it too...After speaking with him , it seems as if his intention is to get free substitution in place.
"All ASA/USA JO Nationals must be completed on the weekend of the last Saturday in July" Why? Ours 1st week of August this year was fine.
School schedules were given as the reason...some places start school the first part of August.

"The National Tournament umpire staff will participate in the pre-tournament bat check process"
--- Does that mean all umps or just more work for UICs?
The interpretation of this is to be determined. I argued against it. The umpire coordinator needs to solicit local umpire volunteers for this duty. Times often conflict with pre-tournament umpire clinic, I don't think the tournament umpires should be checking and potentially rejecting bats, then have to go on the field with that same team and/or player.
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