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Just my opininions:

Not a big deal, but I really don't like being called by name during the game.

I think a coach verbalizing what he's seeing has some merit. ("He's in the lane.") If you hear that, you can't help but be more likely to look at it.

Complimenting calls may be sincere, but just as often it's sarcasm or kissing up.

Adjusting to the referees is absolutely a good idea. It's true, in spite of all pleas for consistency, not all officials are alike. And if I call a travel 3 times in a row on your player's spin move, good chance I will call it the 4th time, too, in spite of the fact that "He's been doing that all year!" Asking what he needs to change may or may not be all right, depending on how it's worded.

Getting a T to "make a statement" is a terrible idea.
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