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Back home now from Council Meeting. Here is a summary of the accepted rule changes and any code and/or procedural changes related to umpires:


1. 8u Fast pitch division added for National Championship play

2. FP Catchers box changed to 7 feet back from the back of the batter's box

3. 11 and 12 inch balls for SP may be molded. Adds this manufacturing process to the acceptable types of balls

4. Womens Open SP only needs uniforms with matching shirts with numbers

5. Senior SP 65 and over goes from 11 defensive players to 10 defensive players

6. Several changes accepted relating to ADA...rules now allow for "reasonable" accommodations and for a hearing impaired player to have a sign language interpreter in the dugout

7. Senior SP Major and Major Plus will have 7 runs per inning limit

8. Time limits begin with the first warm up pitch

9. Addition of rule that nobody may have a weapon on the field or in the dugout. Some debate on how this will be applied vs local laws and regulations...more to come

10. Senior SP - the pitcher may pitch from up to 10 feet behind the pitcher's plate

11. Womens FP players may use either on deck circle

12. All FP and modified...may only use on deck circle on opposite side if it places you behind the batter

13. If SP Courtesy runner is on base when their turn at bat comes up, they are removed from base and an out is recorded

There was a proposal to reinstate the previous rule of any over the fence home run in Men's E SP be an inning ending out. This was defeated. it is only an out

Several proposals to the JO FP lineup were rejected...Either bat all players or nine players, if batting all, no DP/FLEX, listing of EPs throughout the batting order instead of after the first nine, allow any player in the lineup to be a courtesy runner is batting the roster.

Procedure changes:

Changes to the makeup of the Board of Directors related to the new region alignment of only 10 regions

Relaxing requirements for umpires to be considered for the Hall of Fame

Allowances for the Exec Director to place some of the National Championships and Invitationals as needed

There was a proposal to add Local Associations UICs as voting council was rejected

Code Changes:

Allow college players to play in the A or Gold level

Any JO player that has played in a National Championship is eligible to be a pick up player in a higher division for National Championship play

All ASA/USA JO Nationals must be completed on the weekend of the last Saturday in July

The National Tournament umpire staff will participate in the pre-tournament bat check process

Allow sales of alcohol at youth events

10u ASA/USA to be split into one event in the East and one in the West

Remove 10U FP Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern Championships

Add a class C National Championship in 10u, 12u, and 14u

2018 ASA/USA (USA Softball) JO Nationals Locations:

10U - Montgomery, Alabama - (decision forthcoming on East/West effect)
12U - Spartanburg, South Carolina
14U - Bowling Green, Kentucky
16U - Kent (Seattle), Washington
18U - Salem, Virginia (no other bidders)

Let me know if you have questions about anything else...
It's what you learn after you think you know it all that's important!
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