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I think we've seen this article before, and discussed it, but I've got some time before the Buckeyes game starts, so...

1. I don't take the time before making a call, or after I blow the whistle, to think about my rapport with coaches/players/fans/administrators/etc. I see something, I blow my whistle, I make the call... NEXT.

2. I will talk to a coach whether they call me "Bryan", "Ref", or "moron" (although calling me "moron" will at least a technical foul). And since I'm not going to change my call, does it matter whether I talk to a coach or not?

3. Every call I make is good (*cough, cough*), so I don't need or even want coaches telling me what they think of them. And like I said in #1, telling me a previous call was "good" is not going to change my call on later plays.

4. I don't consider this manipulation. It's no different than one of my partners pointing out a situation he's seeing, so that I'm more aware of it later and can make the appropriate call/non-call. Players can be sneaky with their cheating (see John Stockton).

5. Again.... how is this manipulation? Coaches aren't gaining favor by having their players do this, they are just avoiding getting a technical foul or other penalty for being idiots.

6. *Sigh* Yet AGAIN... coaches aren't manipulating anybody here, they are simply avoiding being penalized.

7. Yet another piece of advice that is less "manipulate officials" and more "don't be a dumbass, and be respectful". Coaches are not going to get more calls their way simply because they act like adults and not kids throwing a temper tantrum.

8. I don't care if a coach didn't shake my hand after a game. If they do... cool. If they don't... whatever. My mind is on taking a shower, maybe getting a drink(s) with my partners, or just getting home. I have never heard of any official saying or thinking "hey, this coach didn't shake my hand after the last game, I'm going to get him tonight".'

9. Whoa... hold on... giving up two free throws and possession is no big deal when a coach wants a technical foul, but it is a big deal when a coach thinks that call is the difference between winning and losing? Gotta love the hypocrisy here.

BTW, purposely getting a technical foul in no way helps a coach get calls later in the game. If a coach is being enough of a jackass to get a tech, the extra attention he/she may receive later is not going to be of the "wanted" variety.

This is a pathetic article, which is closer to "click bait" than being something useful for anybody.
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