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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Do you have an example of a T you had to call in one of these chippy games?
Pretty standard fair for the most part:

Team is out matched and as game goes on egos get bruised. Game gets chippy/ kids chirp and/ losing-winning coach complains about the way the game is being called and its impact on the outcome etc.

A couple of more colourful examples though.

*Double header at a private school. Boys game is going to be huge one. Girls game prior is ugly. V is up 30 early in the 2nd quarter. V coach empties the bench and game becomes much more even. V16 is probably more a manager than a player but is getting big minutes. Rowdy H student section led by what appears to be the hockey/football team getting ready for boys game notices before she shoots free throws that she adjusts straps on fitted Durant style shoes. Everytime she catches the ball the section starts yelling your shoes are untied. Continues in the 2nd half kid is clearly rattled and eventually coach takes her out. Group containing some starters comes in and goes on a quick 8-0 run to push lead to 45+. Girl who hits three turns to H student section leader and says "How about you stop yelling sh%& at my teammate, and I'll tell your gf to keep pretending to yell about your d$%(?"

*2A league game. Home team overmatching the Vistors by about 25+ late in the 3rd Home defense is keeping V frustrated. H coach seems hot about something and is talking to my partner post timeout. We resume play a couple of trips later there is collision between offensive V and defending home player. Bang Bang both players go down hard. My partner comes up with a block. A clipboard hits the floor hard on the H side. I approach the H bench with the Head Coach picking up the clipboard and sitting down. I inform him that he has to keep bench and himself under control. He responds: " I will take care of them if you do something about him. He hasn't called a charge since we got up 15 its been all blocks or no calls. When I talked to him about it he said I can't expect to get that many of those calls. I will take care of my bench if you can stop him from cheating my kids."
Coach: Hey ref I'll make sure you can get out of here right after the game!

Me: Thanks, but why the big rush.

Coach: Oh I thought you must have a big date . . .we're not the only ones your planning on F$%&ing tonite are we!

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