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Last year I had a fight in one of the first games of the season. Some kid decided to wait about a quarter and a half into his high school basketball career before he threw a punch. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

I remember setting a goal for myself last year to have zero technical fouls on coaches. It was a goal mainly to make myself be a better communicator and continue to learn how to talk with coaches to calm them down, etc.

I made it to February before I had a T on a coach. The guy definitely earned it though so I couldn't be that mad about not hitting my goal. This year I don't know that I'll set a goal for a number...I think I'll continue to work on communicating with the coaches.

In a sense, coach technical fouls should almost call themselves. We let them toe the line and, again in a sense, it should be fairly obvious when they cross that line and earn themselves the tech.
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