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In the sport I assign we are generally pretty open to keeping officials away from schools if the school requests that official not work. Generally the reason has nothing to do with the officials abilities, but more their timeliness or attitude. Of the 5 officials I have requested not to work at a school, one is because he is a bad official (which is why he no longer works for me), one is because he was late twice to that school and caused delays in the start (due to not verifying the meet was still scheduled on a day school was cancelled). One is requested not to work a school for an unknown reason, but it likely has to do with a prior relationship with the administration of the school, not related to the sport. The fourth is because she always immediately asked about pay for the meets before even starting the meet, which is against the local schools desires (she is now doing very little work). The fifth was just requested not to work by the coach this week. He missed one meet because he didn't check his schedule, and was 45 minutes late for another due to a late arriving flight. The one he missed I had to cover for him on.

I am generally willing to work with schools until it becomes excessive, which it has not yet done.
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