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Coach requesting specific officials

As an assignor of a very small town where everyone knows everyone and there are only 7 high schools within an hour drive, our officials go to the same schools very often. Play offs started last evening. I have received an email from one of the AD's letting me know that his coach is requesting specific officials for her game. Three schools have a play off game that night so all of my officials will need to work that night. However, she also gave specific names of officials that she does not want on her game. (The one she has a problem with because he graduated from the opposing school. HOWEVER, he graduated 47 years ago, has officiated for 27 years, and has never been biased.) The second one she requested not to have, she doesn't want her because she disagreed with a call she made on a game that she ultimately won. Her reason she gives for not wanting this official is because the official's daughter goes to her school and she is afraid she will call AGAINST her.

Is it okay for a coach to request certain officials be assigned or denied her games? When I assign, I take many factors into consideration, including strengths, weaknesses, scheduling availabilities, etc. If I allow this coach to hand select who she wants, that compounds the issue immensely.
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