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Originally Posted by chapmaja View Post
Ok, how do you handle this situation.
What was worse is my R2 was just as clueless as DHS was about what was happening. Even after I called the illegal alignment and was holding up 7 fingers both the R2 and the coach were struggling to understand what was happening.
Originally Posted by Tony.oe4
This is definitely an unusual situation and one that I have not had to deal with...yet
Ages ago in a pre-season rules clinic scrimmage, I had my libero enter to serve and no one came off in order to create this kind of situation. [They asked the two coaches to create havoc if possible]. Unfortunately, no one (at least not the R1 or R2 in training) noticed the extra player for the duration of the rally. The trainer may have chosen to pass on that to correct some other glaring fault (I don't recall), but ever since I've been far more aware of how easy it is for the truly bizarre to slip past the less prepared official when they don't have good help.

I assume only if you actually get caught unaware like that R1 do you actually want to go with the illegal allignment, no? It sounds like others are suggesting there is clear support to call the delay without going through with the signal for serve once the team delays completing the replacement past the point that R1 extends the arm [I had similar USAV conversation last season, don't recall on NFHS].

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