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Originally Posted by RefBob View Post
As to your question 3, under NFHS Rule 8-3, "If the ball is to become dead when the last free throw for a specific penalty is not successful, players shall not occupy any spaces along the free throw lane lines."

True in general, but the OP was specifically referring to applications of Rule 2-10.

Let's say that play was stopped to correct the error after the steal by B but before the score by B. In this case, the error is still correctable, but there has been a change of possession. So A gets his bonus with the lane cleared, and then we resume by giving the ball to B for a throw-in at the OOB spot closest to where the ball was located when the game was interrupted to correct the error.

Now let's say the game was stopped to address the CE *before* the steal by B. In this case, there has been no change of possession (A should have got a one-and-one, got a throw-in instead, c'est la vie). So we shoot the bonus with players in the lane spaces and proceed as normal. Ultimately all we lose are a few seconds on the game clock, and the table and floor officials have to swallow a little bit of pride.

Hopefully this helps your understanding.

In eight seasons, I've applied this rule only twice. But both times I'm glad I knew how to do it. I watched a Big East crew mess this up once. CEs can happen at any level; though not desirable, you get partial credit from an evaluator when you handle them correctly.

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