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When a net fault is whistled by the R2, the R1 absolutely does not make the net fault signal (Signal #6). This is the third season with this as NFHS rule. Rule 5-2-1b

I was specifically asking about the procedure when R2 whistles for ball traveling outside his/her antenna.

In another search, I am led to believe that the same procedure for R1 applies.

I found this: 5-3-b(1). Second referee's specific responsibilities shall be to: Whistle and give the signal for calls initiated by the second referee including time-out,substitutions and ball out of bounds for an antenna fault on second referee's side of the net;

That calls it an "antenna fault." If so, it's considered a "fault." Then, Rule 5-2-1b applies... If a fault is whistled by the second referee, he or she will indicate the nature of the fault and the player at fault, if necessary. The first referee, if in agreement, will then indicate the result of the play (point or replay), followed by the player at fault, if necessary; the second referee will mirror the signal of point or replay.

Thus, looking up 5-2-1b may have led me to the answer I was seeking. As far as I know, there is only one official (out of 75+ in our association) that is not giving the out of bounds signal (#14) in the outside the R2's antenna situation. I would have said zero officials, until I worked with the one a few days ago.

That said, there isn't a specific guideline for this. Just my combining references to come to this new conclusion.

If anyone has any further clarification or thoughts, I would be happy to hear them.
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