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Basketball Rules Interpretations - 2016-17
By NFHS on October 10, 2016

Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.

Robert B. Gardner, Publisher, NFHS Publications 2016

Rules Book Corrections: Page 59, Rule 9-12, Penalties (Section 11 – 12) 10-3-9 should be 10-4-9; Page 68, State Association Adoptions #2 NOTE 10-5-1a should be 10-6-1a; Page 71, Technical Foul Penalty Chart, Head Coach 20 seconds should read 15 seconds.

Case Book Corrections: Page 19, 3.3.5 Situation B change 20 seconds to 15 seconds; Page 20, 3.3.6 Situation C change 0 seconds to 15 seconds; Page 41, 5.4.19 change 20 seconds to 15 seconds; Page 76, 9.12 Situation B Ruling Correction; A2 has committed a goaltending violation. No points can be scored. Since this goaltending violation occurred during a free throw, the penalty is a technical foul. Team B will
be awarded two free throws and a throw-in from the division line opposite the scorer and timer table. (4-22; 10-4-9 PENALTY)

Arm Bar: An arm bent across one’s chest is an arm bar. When a defender has the bent arm across his/her chest and on the offensive player with no exertion, there is no foul. When a defender uses this bent arm and extends it out away from the chest to push an offensive player away or to control his/her movement, it is illegal and a foul should be ruled.

SITUATION 1: A6 has reported to enter the game. A6 is wearing an undershirt that contains a visible logo “Nike Pro Combat” with dimensions that do not meet those of 2 square inches and not exceed 2 inches in any dimension. RULING: The official should instruct the coach and the player that he/she will not be able to wear the undershirt because the “Nike Pro Combat” logo exceeds the allowable size dimensions. The player will need to leave the bench and go to the locker room to remove the undershirt. (3-5-6)

SITUATION 2: B2 is in a marked lane space after free thrower A1 releases a final free-throw attempt. B2 enters the free-throw semicircle before the ball strikes the ring, contacting A1, whose free-throw attempt is unsuccessful. The official rules a foul on B4 and awards A1 bonus free throws as B4’s foul is the eighth team foul. RULING: The official was correct to rule a foul on B4 — illegal contact occurred. However, the official was incorrect to only award bonus free throws. B4 committed a delayed free-throw violation and A1 should have been given a substitute free throw with the lane cleared prior to the administration of
the bonus free throws. Play resumes with the result of A1’s bonus free throws. NFHS/Referee Basketball Preseason Guide 2016. (9-1 PENALTIES 2b)

SITUATION 3: The spirit group/cheerleaders move onto the playing court during a time-out. RULING: The referee shall remove the spirit group/cheerleaders from the court and inform the group’s captain of the reason for removal. (1-20)

SITUATION 4: A spirit group member(s) or a photographer has set-up within the free-throw lane lines extended area. RULING: The lead official shall request the group member(s) or photographer to move from
the restricted area. (1-20)

SITUATION 5: The media person or spirit group member(s) is located toward the sideline completely outside of the free-throw lane line extended area. RULING: The location of the spirit group member(s) and/or
media person is legal. (1-20)

NOTE for SITUATIONS 3, 4, 5: Should the spirit group, photographer, etc., not be cooperative, the referee shall request the athletic administrator or game site manager to address the situation.

SITUATION 6: Team’s school colors are blue and gold and the predominant color of the team’s jerseys is white. Prior to the game, an official observes that several team members are wearing beige pre-wrap around the entire head and blue wristbands. RULING: The headband and wristbands do not meet the color requirements. The official should notify the coach that the headbands and wristbands must be removed because they do not meet the color requirements. NOTE: Pre-wrap when worn around the head is considered to be a headband and must meet the color requirements. Pre-wrap when worn around the hair, such as a ponytail, is a hair-control device. (3-5-4)

SITUATION 7: A1 has been disqualified from the game for committing his/her fifth foul or a flagrant foul. The coach of Team A is notified and then the official instructs the timer to begin the replacement period. The player is then notified of the disqualification. The coach of Team A rises from the bench and (a) talks until the sounding of the warning horn with the remaining four players who have gathered near the boundary; (b) immediately sends A6 to the table to report in. The coach then gathers the players at the sideline for a conference; or (c) sends A6 towards the table but the time indicates the 15 seconds have expired before A6 gets there. RULING: Legal in (a), as long as a substitute reports before the 15 seconds lapsed. In (b), play will resume as soon as A6 has reported to the scorer. In (c), a technical foul is charged directly to the head coach. It is not an administrative technical. (2-12-5; 10-6-2)

SITUATION 8: A1 is fouled prior to the bonus, but erroneously A1 is awarded the one-and-one penalty. The error is discovered: (a) after A1’s first free throw is successful; (b) after both free throws are successful; (c) after B1 has the ball for a throw-in following the second successful free throw; (d) after B2 has control of the throw-in pass from B1 following the second successful free throw; (e) after B1 has
secured the rebound following A1’s unsuccessful second free throw. RULING: In (a) and (b), the successful free throw(s) is canceled. Team A is awarded a throw-in at the spot out-ofbounds nearest to where B1 originally fouled. In (c), the successful free throws are canceled. Since the throw-in that was underway is the result of the successful free throws, it is also canceled. The point of interruption is the foul by B1. Team A is awarded a throw-in at the spot out-of-bounds nearest to where B1 originally fouled. In (d) and (e), the successful free throws are canceled. Play resumes with a throw-in awarded to Team B since Team B had the ball inbounds when the game was interrupted for the correction. (2-10; 4-36)

SITUATION 9: Player A1 has the ball at his/her disposal for a single free throw when A2 steps into the lane and then pushes B1. RULING: The ball became dead when A2 violated the lane and the official rules a violation on A2 and disallows the free throw attempt by A1. The push by A2 may be considered incidental and the ball awarded to Team B for a throw-in at the nearest spot. (9-1 PENALTIES 1)

SITUATION 10: A technical foul is issued at the start of the game on Team A and the game begins with free throws. Team B brings in substitute B6 to shoot the free throw. RULING: Legal substitute. The ball becomes live to start the game when placed at the disposal of B6. B6 and B5 are subject to proper substitution rules. B5 may not re-enter until the next opportunity to substitute after the clock has been
properly started. (3-2-2a, 3-3-4)

SITUATION 11: Team A is awarded an alternating-possession throw-in. After A1 releases the ball, B1 commits a kicking violation. RULING: A1’s throw-in has ended because of B1’s kicking violation. A new throw-in is awarded to Team A at the spot out-of-bounds nearest to where the kicking violation occurred. NOTE: Because the defensive team committed a violation during the alternating-possession throwin, the alternating-possession arrow is not switched.
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