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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
This is my 30th year as a basketball official coming up and my legacy will be this f*&%ing YouTube video -- one, by the way, where I did absolutely nothing wrong.

In the past I've ignored these posts, but I'm going to own this -- cause I did nothing wrong here.

It's not my fault that the home team was out of timeouts. I certainly wasn't going to change how/when I start my "at the disposal of" count just cause the game clock was under 10 seconds. There isn't a single person who could possibly think that 5 seconds passed from when the ball was at the disposal of the thrower-in and when the new L decided that it was a 1-man game.

The really interesting thing that I learned recently about this is that the official who called the 5-second violation at midcourt like a raving lunatic still, TO THIS DAY, thinks that he did the proper thing and saved the day.
If people are holding that over your head, they are stupid. For one you did not cause the situation, your partner did. That is on him. It might be something people identify you for, but I cannot believe that is the thing people hold over your head. I have shown that video in some situations for teaching purposes, but never, ever made it seem like you were the cause of all that confusion. Now your situation is more public, but we have all had situations we did that we are not proud of, but your situation is not one of them.

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