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This is my 30th year as a basketball official coming up and my legacy will be this f*&%ing YouTube video -- one, by the way, where I did absolutely nothing wrong.

In the past I've ignored these posts, but I'm going to own this -- cause I did nothing wrong here.

It's not my fault that the home team was out of timeouts. I certainly wasn't going to change how/when I start my "at the disposal of" count just cause the game clock was under 10 seconds. There isn't a single person who could possibly think that 5 seconds passed from when the ball was at the disposal of the thrower-in and when the new L decided that it was a 1-man game.

The really interesting thing that I learned recently about this is that the official who called the 5-second violation at midcourt like a raving lunatic still, TO THIS DAY, thinks that he did the proper thing and saved the day.
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