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Originally Posted by CT1 View Post
Would you allow it with the game ball rather than an extra one?
Here's the FED interp:

SITUATION 11: As the head coach moves to the pitching mound for a defensive conference, he tosses a baseball to his third baseman and has him take warm-up throws with another player to get ready to pitch. RULING: A team cannot have a fielder, in the game, throw a baseball for the purpose of warming up as a pitcher, during a defensive conference or a pitching change. If a team desires to warm up a player in the game to prepare him to pitch, it would need to take him out of the game to warm up and then later re-enter him under the substitution rule. (3-4-1)

Note that NCAA is different:

A.R. 6 During a free trip, a defensive player may warm up with another defensive
player, provided it does not delay the game. The players warming up must be in
the current lineup and remain in fair territory during the charged conference. For
example, a bullpen catcher is not allowed to participate in this type of warm-up.
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