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Exclamation Just my opinion.

I really think that the discussion of "one liners" and "funny comments" are really tedious at best sometimes. Not because there is information that cannot be shared or learned, but it really is up to you and the situation that is put in front of you.

Coaches are not owed anything, and officials should not feel like we have to give them an explaination for things that they should know. Now, that does not mean that you should never give them explaination, but if they are not respectful, calm or come to you in the right spirit, screw em'. Because if a coach wants to yell at you for everything under the sun and you give them an explaination all the time, tell me now who is in control, you or the coach? Now if a coach waits for the right opportunity and does not try to show you up, nothing is wrong with giving them some of your time, but do not stop play or yell across the court or delay the game just because they do not understand a judgement call or even a rule intepretation. At least in my state coaches have to attend rules meetings, and if they do not understand what is discussed there, then what are you going to tell them that is going to make them understand?

Most coaches, but not all are trying to win, and if they feel they can influence you by pointing out things like the foul difference or what rules "they" think you do not understand, not matter how wrong they will. That is why I do not allow them to tell me about "over the back" and "moving screens" calls. If a coach is too stupid to realize that and look it up themselves, be my guest and report me to the state and my assignors or the AD if it makes you happy. At least I am the one standing on my integrity, while they are trying to get the "hook up."

What I am saying is that do what fits your personality. What I say and how I say it might not make sense if someone else just copies my style. You have to find your own style and what you do and how you do it. If you say what I say you might sound sarcastic and uninterested. If I say the same thing it comes off as common sense, not just because of the words, the body language and tone of voice or anything else that might influence your communication skills. When I officiate my personality comes out and that might not resinate with anyone else trying to copy.

Have a Happy New Year.
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