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Paul is right. Your partner should never criticize you to a coach. That is totally unacceptable. Report this to your assigner or President of your association.

If you make a bad call and want to admit your mistake, here are a couple phrases I've heard or used:
"I didn't like my position on that one and I don't like that call."
"I would like to see that one on film. I think I may have got that one wrong."
--Caution: Use only one in a game. Don't mess up in the first place, but if you do take the advice I got from Ron Garretson (NBA official): 1. Relax and loosen up 2. Concentrate 3. Referee the defense.
--You don't want the coach thinking every call is going to be a bad one. If you make a mistake, don't be afraid to admit it and have the confidence to move on and forget about it.
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