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How About A Little Travelin' Music, Sammy (Jackie Gleason)

Originally Posted by thedewed View Post
No way this is a travel the way the game is played today. when a player is gathering, unless it is clear it is completely in control and possessed, gathered, with the pivot foot down, in this case the right foot, you don't call it.
It is a travel, whether it's called, or not, is another question.

BryanV21 does a nice job explaining why it is, indeed, a travel:

Originally Posted by BryanV21 View Post
Looks like his right foot was down when he gathered the ball, he picked it up to spin on his left, then put his right foot back down before going up for the shot... travel.
As I posted earlier, I probably would have missed the travel in real time, but that doesn't make it a legal move, just another screw-up by yours truly.

Originally Posted by thedewed View Post
If you aren't 100% sure on a travel call, you shouldn't call it.
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