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Originally Posted by twocentsworth View Post
What a "punk" move by the C - calling the 2nd DOG T from 45ft across the court. Rondo picked it up after 1 bounce and was ready to throw it in...a good example of an official letting his personal frustration get involved in creating a problem that didn't exist.
I would never want to work a game with you, even if you were an actual official. You've never supported an official who takes care of business. Keep on with your fanboy nonsense, it provides good entertainment for us all.

Originally Posted by Adam View Post
And there he is.
Originally Posted by deecee View Post
Was curious when you were going to rear your head again. Welcome back and thank you for your, as always, insightful commentary.
Now that it's March 1, it's officially the whiny fanboys' favorite time of year!
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