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Originally Posted by ajmc View Post
The original question related to defensive fouls behind the LOS being enforced either from the spot of the foul (NFHS), or the previous spot (NCAA).
Irrelevant to my post. I'll be charitable and say you misspoke insisting that all-but-one only applies in one situation. Everyone else is simply telling you that all-but-one applies to all fouls. And it does, the rules you quoted say as much.

If you can force yourself to be honest,
Do not question my integrity again.

there is NOTHING WHATSOEVER about "All-But-One" that relates to Defensive fouls, other than they DON'T APPLY.
Where are fouls by the defense enforced from? The basic spot you say? You mean that it fits the definition of all-but-one, which is all fouls, except a foul by the offense behind the basic spot, are enforced from the basic spot?

This has nothing to do with "admitting anything wrong".
Sure it does. You made a statement that was flat out wrong, got called on it, and now you can't crawdad your way away from it fast enough.

Just so you know, the NCAA equivalent is the 3 and 1 principle and it's exactly the same as the all-but-one principle. The 3 refers to the number of types of fouls that are enforced from the basic spot. Fouls by the defense in front of the basic spot, behind the basic spot and fouls by the offense beyond the basic spot.

It's exactly the same. Your arguing against it doesn't make it so.
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