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Originally Posted by letemplay View Post
"COULD" a delay of game T be called prior to warning in this sitch:

Following basket by B, B5 gets ball out of net and acts as if he's looking for ref, while at same time drifting back upcourt with ball, clearly (whether intentional or not is only known to him I suppose) delaying action to allow his team a press set up. Team A has player on baseline for throw in and other players in immediate position to field inbounds pass, but a few seconds at least are used by B5's actions. After getting to about 3 point line, he finally throws it half across court to baseline official, who passes it over to A1 to make inbound pass. While this definitely deserves a delay WARNING, could a T be called?
You can always call a T if it rises to the unsporting level. You are not required to warn first. Just like some coaches think they are entitled to 2 techs before matter what. Not true. You can go straight to flagrant if the actions warrant it.

In your situation, I would blow the whistle when i see him grab it and not release it. Head to table for the delay warning. If he still isn't giving up the ball then T, obviously. I wouldn't let him wander that far with the ball as others have pointed out.

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