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I went to the Arizona/Miss. State game tonight. I picked up on a couple things that I have questions about.

1) When a player receives his fifth foul, the coach is notified. At this point, the coach has 30 sec. to put in a replacement. Can the coach use this thirty sec. to have a quick team meeting. This happened twice. Both times, all players stayed on the court. Once, it was allowed. The second time, it was not. What's the rule?

2) On the second FT of a two-shot foul, the ref is notified that the sub sitting at the table is for the shooter. The shooter makes the FT and the ref blows his whistle and beckons the sub. No prob there. When the sub came in, he didn't replace the shooter. He replaced another player. Is this legal? Can a coach use this to get a player in instead of having to wait on the next dead ball?

Thanks for your inputs.

P.S. None of the refs were overweight.
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