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First Time on the Floor

Passed the written exam easily, but I knew actually being on the floor would be much harder. . .and it was even harder than I imagined!

Girls JV scrimmage, 2 cadets on the floor, with 2 experienced officials shadowing us. We had 4-minute shifts.

It was all such a blur! Way faster than I thought, and I was so concerned with where I was supposed to be, and what my PCA was, that I missed a lot of calls. I lost track of which team was going in which direction. Girls did not have uniform numbers, so reporting fouls was different than what I had practiced. Coach yelled for a time-out, I knew who had player control, but not who yelled. One time I hit a girl in the head with my signal - it was ugly!! I could go on but you get the idea. I was very discouraged last night.

I have several more of these practice scrimmages coming up - any tips? I know with more floor time and experience it will get better, but right now I am very overwhelmed!
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