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(Old) college PC rule

Disclaimer: Gene Collier - from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - is known to embellish his articles for the purposes of entertaining readers...

With that being said, he has an article in today's paper (Gene Collier: Rule changes in college basketball require a trip to the classroom | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) where he's discussing college rules changes. One of the ones he reviews is the PC rule. He makes the following claim:

"The better new rule is that an offensive player can no longer score on a charge, which eliminates the caveat that he darn well could if he released the shot before knocking a previously stationary defender deep into the nachos."

To me, this implies that in previous years, a collegiate player could have left the floor, released a shot, then plowed into a defender, been whistled for a PC, have the ball go in the basket, and still have been credited with two points!

Any truth to this one?
Dan R.
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